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SIG outing in Vantage

After my reconnaissance ski trip to Leavenworth last weekend proved that rock climbing there would be nearly impossible, I made the executive decision to take my climbing students to Vantage instead. There isn’t as much variety, but at least the routes wouldn’t be covered in snow.

Thankfully, Marla, John, and Eileen offered to join the trip to help keep the students safe and move them through all the required skills they needed to learn and practice (escaping a belay, climbing in mountaineering boots, rappelling, and cleaning pro). Huge props to them for their patient, thoughtful, and kind instruction. The students raved about how much they learned and how supported they felt.

I’m a little disappointed that I didn’t have time to take pictures. (It was sort of a hectic day for me – thinking through how to set up the climbing and rappelling stations so everyone always had something to do, answering questions from the other leaders, babysitting the belay escape practice, walking through a simulated climbing exercise, setting pro, etc.) Fortunately, Brian King and Paul Kriloff took some outstanding ones. There’s not a single butt shot among them! Here are some of the best from yesterday’s trip.

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