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Kirkland at sunset

After a long, hard day of work, some photo-therapy is often a good idea. Last night, we donned jackets, scarves and hats (this is the coldest May since 1950 after all) and took a walk down to the waterfront.

This tree was on the public path that runs between the condos and the water.

As the sun went down, we started to look for creative ways to capture the moment.

I only had my super wide angle lens with me, but that gave me some nice shots of the marina.

This was my favorite cloud of the night – very ominous looking.

Sunset from Mailbox Peak

I’ve long maintained that the most beautiful views are reserved for those that earn them. This afternoon, John, Denise, Paul and I hiked up Mailbox Peak, reaching the top near sunset. Our first glimpse of Rainier was stunning.

Of course, it only got better as the sun dipped further below the horizon.