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On Saturday, Nick and I took Ronan to see Harold and the Purple Crayon at the Seattle Children’s Theater. Part of the fun includes hanging out at the Seattle Center before the show. The fountain was spouting and spurting all over the place, so Nick and Ronan sat as close as they dared and watched for a while.

That only lasted a short time before the most important pre-show activities started:

Ronan made a careful study of the show program with Uncle Nick while we waited for the house to open:

If wishes were fishes

Nick and I were on babysitting duty this morning, while Anne and Mike were busy with work commitments. When we couldn’t get into the kids’ workshop at Mokbaks (sold-out), we went to Petsmart. It’s kind of like the zoo only better because it’s free, you can see everything in about 30 minutes, and there are lots of dogs and cats to pet.

The whole ride home Ronan regaled us with stories about his two new dogs – Batman and Sam – which were coming home on Tuesday. Then they would race the cats. Who will win? The dogs will win; then the kitties will win.