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Making up for a misspent youth

I don’t know how it happened, but somehow both Nick and I missed seeing Soundgarden in concert before they broke up in 1996. It was one of our biggest regrets. I mean, how were we going to face Mason, Ronan and Reece when they inevitably ask us what it was like to see Soundgarden live? The shame would be almost impossible to live with!

Thank goodness the band saved us by deciding to tour again this year and put on a show at the Gorge. Redemption was in our grasp!

After getting over the shock of paying $170 for two tickets (lame!), we booked our campsite at the Wild Horse Campground and prepared to be stoked. Our friends Scott & Nina happened to be visiting from Sweden and going to the show as well, so we got a double treat.

Soundgarden did not disappoint. The band sounded tight, the staging was awesome, and I can now die a happy woman.

If you’re going out to the Gorge for the weekend, it also pays to do a little sightseeing. It was 96 degrees F both days, so we opted for some short hikes and exploration, instead of bike rides.

Nick got to see the petrified forest for the first time and we found the petroglyphs at the visitor center!

Mix tape Monday, part II

Could music mixes be a theme this year for NWOutdoorGrrl? Not sure yet, but who couldn’t use a little music inspiration?

If you’re an athlete, there’s nothing like music to pump you up before a competition. And if your sport is sledding down ice on your back at 90 mph, it’s even more important. For a taste of the action, watch this video of the American Luge Team training in Lake Placid, NY:

American luge team member Christian Niccum recently broke the record on one of the world’s most difficult tracks, crediting a song he heard on a mix tape that he’d stolen from his brother for creating the balance and focus necessary to perform so well.

The song? Heroin by Velvet Underground. It’s a bit mellower than you might anticipate, but then again, mellow is what you might need to create the flow state for high adrenaline sports. Here’s a list of other songs that might help you find your groove.

Life’s dilemmas

I’m four days into my 365 Project and still feeling fairly motivated. Today, I took pictures three separate times. The hard part, it turns out, is deciding which single picture I’ve taken on a given day that I should use for the project. Today, my favorite picture is the one I took of the wine selection at PCC. On the other hand, I want to remember the house near ours that always decorates with an awful number of blue lights at Christmas time. They are so into blue that they even change out the bulbs in their driveway lamps:

I will continue to wrestle with this dilemma throughout the year, sort of in the same way I wrestle with the question “If you were on a desert island and could only take one album, what would it be?” (How was that for a segue?) My cop out solution is a mix tape. Of course, what I’d put on the mix tape is still another dilemma. It is vitally important to have a personal soundtrack for many different occasions. How could one mix tape possibly fit the bill for the rest of my life?! Ack!

Since I don’t have to solve the problem now, I’ll simply offer the following collection that I like to put on my iPod when I’m going for a run. (Running is so mind-numbingly boring, that I need some continued motivation in the form of a catchy tune and a good beat.) If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to exercise more, this might fit the bill. It’s definitely a girl-power mix with a few guilty pleasures thrown in for fun. Enjoy!