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Summer in Bavaria

I took surprisingly few pictures while in Germany last week. Perhaps all of my creative juices were focused on speaking German. Perhaps I was having too much fun catching up with longtime friends. I did end up with a few shots that will help me remember the time fondly, though.

Mattis is only 10 weeks old, but already has lengthy conversations with his grandfather Christoph:

Everything was just right on Pamela and Carsten’s wedding day, including the decorations on the door to the Mundt apartment:

The church was walking distance from the apartment. The plain exterior hides an ornate Catholic interior:

After the ceremony, the wedding party and guests walked about a 1/2 mile up the hillside where a champagne toast and lovely view awaited us:

Linus (Pamela & Carsten’s oldest son) and Constanza (Adrian’s fiance) skip through the field on the way to the Simsee. The rest of the family joined us later for a swim: