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Mid-way through our motorcycle ride yesterday, we stopped for a 0.3 mile “hike” near the Carbon River. The forest was straight out of Avatar or a chia pet commercial, take your pick. Up close, the moss was really neat.

Sunset from Mailbox Peak

I’ve long maintained that the most beautiful views are reserved for those that earn them. This afternoon, John, Denise, Paul and I hiked up Mailbox Peak, reaching the top near sunset. Our first glimpse of Rainier was stunning.

Of course, it only got better as the sun dipped further below the horizon.

Rampart Ridge

When the road to Paradise isn’t scheduled to open until 11:30 a.m., it’s time to change plans. Rampart Ridge isn’t nearly as exciting, but at least the drive to Rainier wasn’t wasted. We even got a peek of a view from the ridge.

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