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What hell looks like

I was searching for bar results for the Feb 2011 exam to see if the few people I know that didn’t pass last year succeeded the second time around. In the course of my searching I discovered that the WSBA has helpfully (?) posted pictures of what the exam room looks like for prospective exam takers:

Ack! Flashbacks!

If you can believe it, every single one of those chairs is filled twice a year with an aspiring lawyer, staring at a laptop screen, frantically typing away for three days straight. If there is a heaven and a hell, this surely is what hell looks like.

When reality hits you in the face

Part of practicing law includes buying malpractice insurance. In principal, I’m okay with this, except that when I see a full-page add for the company I bought insurance through in The Economist, it makes me feel…well…old and stuffy, and not at all like I’m 25 years old anymore.