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England & Isle of Man adventure – part 3

After a day of driving around the island, Nick and I wandered down to the Douglas waterfront. The mile-long promenade belies the city’s history as a pre WW II seaside vacation destination. As soon as cheap consumer flights to southern Spain became available Douglas lost it’s appeal.

During the TT, however, it is a hub for spectators. Stunt riders entertain well into the evening, while strings of lights give the area a carnival feeling.

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Twisp Moto Tour

Every May we go on a motorcycle tour somewhere around Washington. This year, we get to take two, the first of which was with friends Dave, Karen, Michelle, and Chris to Twisp.

We started the trip, as you do, with breakfast at The French Bakery in Kirkland. Nick and I were forced to park in the library parking lot, because our favorite on-street parking was blocked off for road construction.

After a little hitch getting out of town, we blasted north to Stevens Pass. Apparently it is a popular place for a moto pitstop.

The rest of the ride is about how you’d expect. Boring until we reached the Twisp-Carlton Road, which was 5 of the twistiest, nicest miles of the entire trip.

We walked from our B&B (which was run by the mayor of Twisp!) to the pub for dinner. A few beers later, and silliness ensued.

The walk back after dinner was lovely. Clouds at sunset are always nice.

More on Days 2 and 3 soon…


Mid-way through our motorcycle ride yesterday, we stopped for a 0.3 mile “hike” near the Carbon River. The forest was straight out of Avatar or a chia pet commercial, take your pick. Up close, the moss was really neat.

Diavel unveiling party

I was not the only one to pooh-pooh the idea of Ducati releasing a cruiser bike. I mean, talk about a violation of the brand on a scale similar to Porche deciding to sell an SUV. What is the world coming to?!

Of course, at the end of March, Nick, my dad, and I couldn’t resist the call of free beer, music and a party to celebrate the bike’s unveiling. And, I will admit, that it looks better in person than it does in Ducati’s promotional pictures.

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Calendar girl

Photo by Charles Porter, all rights reserved

A couple of beers and hot motorcycles are all it takes sometimes for a girl to lose her senses and start posing like a calendar girl.