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Race report: the royal wedding

Forget CBS, YouTube, CNN or any of the other major network coverage of the royal wedding. If you want to know how it really went down, read Nick’s “race report” on the RCR blog. If Phil and Paul had been at the royal wedding, I’m sure this is how they would have reported on it.

Look at that lead out train!


One of the best things about cyclocross racing is the atmosphere. After a morning of xc skiing, Nick and I returned to watch the singlespeed championship race. The Last Regiment of Syncopated Drummers had also arrived by then. The wall of sound next to the Deschutes Brewery was astounding.

Men’s 30-30 race

After watching Nick and countless others race through the snow and slush yesterday morning, I’ve come to one conclusion: cyclocross racing isn’t about comfort.

[flagallery gid=3 name=”Gallery” w=500 h=500]

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It’s so sick people puke bib shorts

We’re leaving for a week of ‘cross racing and skiing in Bend, OR today. When people ask what the heck cyclocross is, I want to send them this video.