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Anniversary weekend in Egmont


Our anniversary plans for a motorcycle ride to Potholes State Park in September were scuttled when I tore my ACL. My consolation prize was a trip to Egmont on BC’s Sunshine Coast. Normally we go there on our motorbikes. This time we drove and enjoyed some kayaking instead. It reminded us just how much we miss owning a boat.

ACL style – flat boots

On the way out of yoga class many years ago, I changed back into my suit for work and slipped on a pair of adorable snakeskin pumps.

“You know those are terrible for your feet and Achilles tendons, don’t you?” the instructor said, clearly disapproving of my footwear.

{…commence eye-rolling…}

Does anyone seriously think women wear heels because they are good for you?! Of course not! We wear them because they make our legs look longer and sexier. We wear them because they make us taller, and by inference, more intelligent and powerful. We wear them because taller people make more money.

All of this goes temporarily out the window, though, with a torn ACL. If your PT is like mine, you’ve been banned from wearing heels for at least three months after surgery.  (I’ve secretly tried wearing them around the house a couple times, but only make it about five minutes before my knee starts aching.)

Instead of whining about how I can’t wear half my wardrobe, I decided I ought to just buy some new shoes. Shopping therapy cures everything!

I ended up with a killer pair of waterproof leather boots that will carry me through the Seattle winter:

 Here are some other fabulous finds that would make any ACL patient forget their woes:


(These boots all come in lots of colors, so click through to find what works for your wardrobe.)