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The score

January is now officially behind us, and I have one month of the 365 Project done. I am slightly disappointed that I missed two days of taking pictures. On the 16th, I simply forgot. On the 28th, I remembered that I hadn’t taken a picture, then forgot. Oops!

When I initially started this, I only committed to January. Now that I’m one month in, there are a few really great things that make me want to continue:

  1. I’m learning to use my camera better. I’ve discovered functions on my camera I didn’t know existed and some of the other ones are becoming more second nature.
  2. I’m always looking at my surroundings for an interesting picture. Sitting at the bus stop, walking around town, running errands, waiting for friends… There’s beauty around us every day and I’m on the lookout for it.
  3. I have lots of room to improve! I’d like to work on taking pictures more purposefully. I have a long way to go with my post-processing skills.
  4. I want to take more pictures with my Canon SLR and not rely on my Lumix LX-3 as much.

Here’s to beginning another month of the 365 Project!

What are you taking a picture of?

I was waiting at the Bellevue P&R for a friend this evening when the sun sank below the clouds and turned cotton balls into an impressionist’s cotton candy. When I pulled out my camera to take a shot, two bus drivers, who had been chatting with each other, asked me what I was taking a picture of. When I pointed at the sky they got very quiet and stared.

It made me realize that the 365 Project (and having a camera with me at all times) is teaching me to look for beauty in the everyday.

Getting silly

Warning: 365 Project may lead to silliness at 10 p.m. when you remember you haven’t taken a picture yet today:

Life’s dilemmas

I’m four days into my 365 Project and still feeling fairly motivated. Today, I took pictures three separate times. The hard part, it turns out, is deciding which single picture I’ve taken on a given day that I should use for the project. Today, my favorite picture is the one I took of the wine selection at PCC. On the other hand, I want to remember the house near ours that always decorates with an awful number of blue lights at Christmas time. They are so into blue that they even change out the bulbs in their driveway lamps:

I will continue to wrestle with this dilemma throughout the year, sort of in the same way I wrestle with the question “If you were on a desert island and could only take one album, what would it be?” (How was that for a segue?) My cop out solution is a mix tape. Of course, what I’d put on the mix tape is still another dilemma.┬áIt is vitally important to have a personal soundtrack for many different occasions. How could one mix tape possibly fit the bill for the rest of my life?! Ack!

Since I don’t have to solve the problem now, I’ll simply offer the following collection that I like to put on my iPod when I’m going for a run. (Running is so mind-numbingly boring, that I need some continued motivation in the form of a catchy tune and a good beat.) If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to exercise more, this might fit the bill. It’s definitely a girl-power mix with a few guilty pleasures thrown in for fun. Enjoy!

365 Project – one month at a time

Jan 1, 2011

I decided for 2011 to participate in 365 Project. I’m not sure how strong my motivation for this is, so for the time being, I’ll commit to January and see how things go. Rather than post images here, however, I decided to keep my gallery separate. If you’re interested in checking out my progress, you can bookmark the gallery or subscribe to the RSS feed. (The link is also in the sidebar under Photography.)

Not to worry; I will continue to post pictures and stories here. Who knows? Maybe I’ll post more often if I have pictures to share?