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Assortment | 4

The things I love include outings with my long-time friend and mentor, Mike. In May, we headed out to try an uncharted loop above and in Umtanum Canyon. The loop didn’t happen as planned, but many laughs were had over our attempt. 

Hope you have an adventure-filled weekend. Here are a few favorite links from around the web this week.

40-ounce rose, dreams really do come true!

I was raised to value accountability and integrity, which is why it bugs me so much when someone bails on plans we’ve made. Brendan Leonard’s article – Flake on me once … actually just don’t flake – says everything I’ve ever wanted to say about this subject. 

Pssst! “Vitamin I” is probably not good for endurance athletes.

The 40% rule, or how to seriously kick ass

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Scale is hard in Death Valley. The small cluster of rocks in the distance rises 66 feet above the dry lake bed. It is the only feature that interrupts the 3 1/2 square miles of nearly flat playa. I can’t help but feel that I am like this rock outcropping everywhere I go in Death Valley – dwarfed by the surrounding mountains. A tiny, lonely creature among giants.


Mr McDreamy

The sexiest guys growing up were always the ones that could dance or play the guitar. (Maybe it was all that time spent at summer camp, but I thought the guitar-playing dudes had an edge.) 

It totally makes me smile today when I’m chillin’ by the fire after work, reading a good book, and this handsome dude pulls out his six string. Back off ladies; this rock star is taken!

Snowy day

We woke up this morning to our third snow day this winter! It was snowing so hard that by the time I circled the car, brushing the snow off the windows, it had started accumulating again!

I ventured to the office (in the most casual clothes I’ve ever worn). It’s a ghost town…Bliss!

Great Figgy Pudding Caroling Contest

A break in the rain yesterday evening made for a great evening of wandering Seattle streets during the annual Great Figgy Pudding Caroling Contest. Deloitte’s Digital Team got top marks from me for their costumes and enthusiastic performance. 

A bitterly cold wind blew up from the Sound. I don’t know how these gals stayed warm in their short sleeves.