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Everyday magic

I’m enjoying some time at home between jobs right now. It allows me to nest in our new house and get in tune with the season. The neighbor’s maple tree has dropped almost all of its leaves. They are beautiful and much easier to clean up than the tiny storm of leaves that used to fall in the backyard of our old house.

Maple leaves

We are also impossibly blessed with a tree full of delicious apples. Last week I made a cobbler, using 14 apples. Now I just have to find the crockpot and dehydrator, so I can make apple butter and dehydrated apple rings.


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Every August, the Blue Angels roar into town to perform feats of aerial wonder over Lake Washington. I’m lucky to be able to spend time with my family on a boat, taking in the spectacle. I read somewhere that it costs the average taxpayer 26 cents to fund the Blue Angels. I’d say it’s well worth the investment!


Carlton Complex Remains


Wildfires have burned more than 460 square miles in eastern Washington in the last week. (That’s an area equivalent to the five times the size of Seattle.) It has destroyed an estimated 185 homes. The truly scary part is that as of yesterday this fire is only about 2% contained.

Please send good thoughts to the thousands of fire fighters who are fighting this fire and the thousands of displaced and affected people.

Cold feet

It started snowing mid-ride today. Nothing like a tub of hot water to defrost or toes back home.