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Work in progress


It’s an effective illusion when summer seems endless at the beginning of June. You believe it’ll stretch on and on in long and languid days. Oh, but it goes by as quickly as a sunset!

I intended to restore this teak table long ago, before the start of  BBQ season. But here it is, July, and I’m only now tackling this Herculean task.

Water, soap, and a brush. With each board, making short work out of long. Fingers stained dark with teak oil.

In the end, the miracle of second chances.

Farm to table


When we bought our house, it came with three egg-laying chickens. We adopted one more a few months later and have a happy, healthy flock. There will come a day in a few years, however, when they don’t lay anymore. That day is not today, and these are not pictures of us slaughtering our hens. Instead, I had the amazing (and highly educational) opportunity to help neighbors slaughter 40 eight-week-old meat birds and a few of her friend’s hens. Mostly, I wanted to see what it was like and if I had the stomach for killing our hens when they stop laying.

There are more pictures after the jump. We used a very humane process, but it could be considered gross. Do not click the read more button if you do not want to see dead chickens before they are trussed for your table. (I would argue, though, that if you eat chicken, you should look at the pictures to see where your meat comes from.)

Operation Jail Bird

Since moving to our new house, we’ve learned that chickens are pretty easy to care for. Feed them, water them, let them run around in the lawn occasionally, collect eggs daily, clean out the coop weekly, repeat.

Last week, though, we noticed that our austrolorp had taken up residence in the nesting box, and boy was she was ornery! When I tried nudging her out she would just fluff her feathers, growl and peck at me. Hmmm…

The plum wars have not ended


I thought that downsizing from nine plum trees to four would mean we wouldn’t have as many plums to deal with this fall. Looks like I was wrong. It appears that just two trees at our new house are producing as many plums as all of the trees at our old house combined!

Thanks to some strategic pruning earlier this year by yours truly, it will be much easier to harvest these plums, thankfully.

If you thought the fruit war was over, it’s not. You’ve been warned.

Cat vs Chickens 2.0

Bentley’s new motto: If you can’t eat them, join them!