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Something for the weekend

14-year old dancer

When this post goes live, I’ll be on my way home from a week of cross country skiing in the Methow. This is one of my happy places … where I can recharge my batteries and return feeling fit and refreshed. Do you have a special place like this? I’d love to hear about it in the comments.

In the meantime, here is a roundup of interesting links from around the web:

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And, lastly, the benefits of meditation, explained in one short video:


pink pearls

I hate admitting this, but it’s been a stressful couple of days…weeks…months, actually. Nick and I have have been gnawed to the bone by the demands of our move. We have almost nothing left to give.

This poem is for him, and for our dear friends who are running a marathon of equal difficulty.


won’t you celebrate with me
what we have shaped into
a kind of life?
what did we see except ourselves?
we made it up
here on this bridge
clay and moonbeams
our hands holding tight
come celebrate with me
that something is
budding anew
if we crack the shell
we will find the pearl

Photo by Bill Dickenson, used with permission.

95 to Infinity

Hellbent on backcountry skiing, brothers Mike & Andy Traslin have been earning their turns every month of the year for the last 95 months in a row. That’s nearly 8 years of skiing! They admit to enduring some Type II fun in pursuit of their passion, but otherwise it seems like it’s been more positive than negative.

Everyone needs to watch this video for two reasons. First: the cinematography. The filmmakers show us how impressive and effective a drone can be at capturing incredible footage. Some of the glacier shots are remarkable!

Second: it’ll get you thinking about what it takes to succeed at your BHAG. To ski this much and this consistently, I’m sure they had to cut out all other distractions.

“I’m too busy” was never an excuse.

Some of my friends joke that they do a lot of things at the 5.9 level – better than a rank beginner, but not an expert by any stretch. We can totally live like this, but to do something truly amazing, I think we have to focus on that one thing. It will be hard to accomplish much if we’re also doing Crossfit and riding our mountain bike and going to barbecues every night and having a family and a job and a new car and a perfect lawn and and and.

Being awesome requires deciding what’s important, and then doing that. Relentlessly.

I’m not saying that enjoying distractions and being sort of good at what you want to pursue is bad. This is just a reality check that to be great at something or do something really hard takes a different kind of dedication than we usually apply to our lives.

As Mike says in the video, “It’s always worth it.”


Something for the weekend


What are you up to this weekend? We are trying to maintain our sanity through the final stages of selling our house. The remedies include a “gentleman’s race” around Mercer Island this morning, then dinner and laughter with dear friends, and tomorrow exploring a new trail to the summit of a favorite mountain. Hope you have a good one, and here are a few links from around the web…

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Photo by torbus, used with permission

Changing seasons


Layers of complexity have blanketed our lives these last two months, like fallen leaves from a tree. This is only a partial explanation for the unusual quietude on this blog. As in nature, I have faith that we will continue to thrive under this coverlet of stress and uncertainty. Eventually the layers will break down and become part of the soil that nurtures and supports new beginnings.

Photo by Hisako Tanaka, modified and used with permission.