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A day like this

In our late-winter world – that has been alternately grey, then white, then grey again – there was comfort at the neighborhood cafe. Huddled with Cathy and Anne over soup and wedges of quiche nestled into mounds of tender greens. Thick slices of bread smothered in butter and jam. Mimosas to wash away the gloom. Laughter guarding against the damp.

We looked toward the window, and it was on with the jackets, the hats, the gloves.

Out there. 


At the Volunteer Park Conservatory, we plunged headlong into a world of green, gulping in its color deeply. 

Could there be a better sight? Could there be anything better sitting fresh, there to renew your wearied soul?


Room after room of growth to awaken days and spirit alike. Paradise.


Air time


You could hear it in the woods that afternoon. Around the corner, obscured by the forest.


(A scream of joy? Or terror?)

Boom time!


Stars and spangles light up the sky,
No wonder kids love the Fourth of July.

IMG_4597.jpgA boom, a trail of smoke, and then a loud pop,
As colorful sparkles fan out and drop.

IMG_4607.jpgOne after another, each twinkles and dies,
Just a moment’s pause, and the next one flies.


IMG_4613.jpgThen all too soon comes the grand finale,
Wave after wave, like an electrified tsunami.


And then it’s all over and all is quiet,
There’s a stillness where there once was a riot.
And clouds of sulfurous smoke in the air,
Are all that’s left to show that fireworks were there.


B is for Backup Plans



After a series of blue summer days, the rain finally came – and with it the shattering of our end-of-summer plans to go backpacking with our niece and nephew.

Instead there were flour, water, eggs, and salt – simple ingredients that call the hungry to the table. Our love, like pasta, is sticky. And so, we poured on the stewed tomatoes and gathered to converse around saucy slurps.

Late summer travel


The long summertime hours tend to pull you away, sometimes far away, to places where there is trail dust and ocean spray. A few weeks ago, my family filled the weekend bags with essentials and went where the wind blew us. In just a smattering of days, we squeezed sand between our toes, indulged in sweet, flaky fish ‘n’ chips, chased foamy waves, and laughed for an an hour, then another — and far later, one more.