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Isn’t long-term storage what IPAs are made for?

Keith brought a box of homebrew that he found at his house over today. Nick and I estimate that we brewed Postcolonial IPA in 1996. We cracked a bottle just to see if it was still drinkable, and you know what? It was pretty tasty. The flavor had morphed from a traditional IPA to something closer to a scotch ale. Considering it was 16 years old, I’d say that’s pretty successful.


Two home brewers went head to head tonight at Kirkland basecamp, comparing Saison of Our Discontent and The Bitter End. Both beers are coming along nicely, if I do say so myself!

Black Cat Brewery’s offerings expand

Mashing the grains to extract flavor and sugar for OMG!


After the successful debut of Buzz Light Beer and Saison of our Discontent, Black Cat Brewery is expanding its offerings to include a classic bitter (brewed by assistant brewmaster, Nick) and a seasonal spiced pumpkin porter.

The Bitter End should be in bottles by mid-week and will be drinkable by the end of the month. Oh My Gourd! was brewed today and will likely end up in bottles in about 2 weeks. Then it will need some mellowing time. Look for samples around Halloween.

A new brewery is born

A new book has rekindled my interest in home brewing and gave me the courage to try all-grain brewing for the first time. Initial fermentation went off like a charm on my first two batches. Since I have a bit of time before bottling, I thought I’d play with label design.