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July = breakfast with bike racing


It’s safe to say, you’ll find us (people + cats) glued to the computer screen every morning for the next three weeks, watching some of the most elite athletes in the world “dancing on the pedals” around the French countryside.

Team Pursuit

I’m super psyched about the Olympics this summer and looking forward to some great coverage of world-class track racing. Here’s a quick video of the NZ Olympic pursuit team during a practice session from the rider’s view. They get moving really fast at about 1:11.

(Yes, it’s four and a half minutes of looking at cyclists’ butts. Are you suggesting there’s something wrong with this?!)

Cycling explained

This is exactly what I imagine goes through the mind of a non-cyclist as they try to understand competetive cycling. (Caution: course language).

Season-ender at the Velodrome

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Two TdF riders are plant strong

It looks like the Tour de France is about to become the Tour de Vegetable this year, as two cyclists – David Zabriske and Alberto Contador – are swearing off animal products. Zabriske has adopted a nearly vegan diet (vegan + fish twice a week), and Contador has dropped meat from his diet in the wake of testing positive for clenbuteral last year.

My initial response to this news is mixed. Contador is, after all, a lot like George Bush Jr. Every time he opens his mouth, I think how much better it would be for him to just keep it shut. Good for him for not consuming red meat anymore, but this really does nothing to make his tainted steak story more convincing.

Zabriske, on the other hand, has made the change purely because it makes him feel better. But is he performing well? The proof is in the pudding: He has won more time trials this year than he has in the rest of his career. Of course, Scott Jurek, Rich Roll, Brendan Brazier, and others have already shown that it is possible to be a successful, vegan endurance athlete. If Zabriske continues to do well, I hope there is some good coverage of what he’s eating (or not eating) and acknowledgement of what science has already proven: you don’t need a hunk of meat or glass of milk to perform well as an athlete.