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July = breakfast with bike racing


It’s safe to say, you’ll find us (people + cats) glued to the computer screen every morning for the next three weeks, watching some of the most elite athletes in the world “dancing on the pedals”¬†around the French countryside.

Fun with fishies


Vespa hangs out inside a lot, partially because she hasn’t really figured out the cat window and partially because she likes being in small, enclosed spaces. It’s sort of surprising though that it’s taken her so long to discover the fish in the pond near our front door. She must have circled the water for an hour watching them yesterday. Good thing she didn’t fall in!



No question, Vespa loves her quiet snuggles. You can’t hear her, but she’s purring in her happy place. So is Nick…

“Is it Friday yet?”


It’s been such a long week, even the cat is tired…

Cat vs Chickens 2.0

Bentley’s new motto: If you can’t eat them, join them!