Month: March 2017

A day like this

In our late-winter world – that has been alternately grey, then white, then grey again – there was comfort at the neighborhood cafe. Huddled with Cathy and Anne over soup and wedges of quiche nestled into mounds of tender greens. Thick slices of bread smothered in butter and jam. Mimosas to wash away the gloom. Laughter guarding against the damp.

We looked toward the window, and it was on with the jackets, the hats, the gloves.

Out there. 


At the Volunteer Park Conservatory, we plunged headlong into a world of green, gulping in its color deeply. 

Could there be a better sight? Could there be anything better sitting fresh, there to renew your wearied soul?


Room after room of growth to awaken days and spirit alike. Paradise.


Out with the old

The signs of economic prosperity are hard to miss. Every time I walk around downtown Seattle these days, old buildings are being demolished to make room for new ones. The demolition of the Galland Building, with its entry way still in tact, caught my eye last Thursday. 

This building was built in 1906 to house retail and department stores. It was part of the commercial expansion that occurred due to local economic prosperity after the Klondike Gold Rush and in tandem with explosive population growth and suburban residential development. (Ironic isn’t it that the building is being torn down to make way for a different commercial expansion?) 

Seeing the building destroyed makes me a bit sad. I like the architecture of this era; it’s part of what makes Seattle feel like Seattle to me. We are people of the logger, prospectors, pick-yourself-up-from-the-gutter opportunists… The buildings from the early 20th century embody this spirit for me. I’m also sad because this was a rare example of the turn-of-the-century department store building. It will be replaced with something not-so-rare. Functional, yes. But boring. 

If you’re interested, you can read more about the building’s history and the original owner – Caroline Kline Galland – here. (Warning: This page is a bit difficult to read, owing to the horrible text layout.)

Supersport 2.0

We’ve been a Supersport family for more than a decade. Nick has put more than 40,000 miles on his, touring the western US. (We even made it as far east as Mount Rushmore last summer.) So it was with eager anticipation that we went to Ducati Redmond’s unveiling of the new Supersport last night. 

I’ll go on record saying that I am officially impressed. Being a naked bike lover, it takes a certain amount of restraint in styling to get me excited about anything with a fairing. This is the perfect modernization of the old bike. I threw a leg over it and loved the Monster-esque riding position. (All day comfort…yay!)

I can’t wait to take it for a test drive!

Mr McDreamy

The sexiest guys growing up were always the ones that could dance or play the guitar. (Maybe it was all that time spent at summer camp, but I thought the guitar-playing dudes had an edge.) 

It totally makes me smile today when I’m chillin’ by the fire after work, reading a good book, and this handsome dude pulls out his six string. Back off ladies; this rock star is taken!