Freedom Peak (aka Little Navaho)


Only 10 days after climbing Navaho Peak, I returned with two friends, Rena and Randy, to tackle its sister peak to the southeast. Freedom Peak (or Little Navaho as it’s sometimes called) isn’t particularly technical. Some off-trail navigation and ice ax skills are helpful. Otherwise this is a mellow adventure in the Teanaway area of Washington.

In May, the first part of the off-trail travel is mostly snow free. It just takes time and endurance to work your way up the steep slopes.


At the saddle between Navaho and Freedom Peak, we finally found consistent snow. It was solid, and just soft enough for step-kicking. Goldilocks would approve. From here we could look back and get our first view of Navaho, too.


The summit shot when you have Stewart in the background is always a good one!


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