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It’s been a lovely couple of weeks in the Northwest. I made good progress on my vegetable garden. The kale, chard, tomato, and tomatillo starts are in the ground. The peas, arugula, and pumpkin seeds have also sprouted. In between gardening and work I’ve also managed to get a few hikes and scrambles in. I snapped the above picture of the Stuart range from the summit of Navaho Peak on Saturday. About 10 seconds later, it started hailing/sleeting on us and the view disappeared. Message: summer is not quite here yet.

Here are a few things that caught my eye on the Internet lately. Enjoy.

Would you believe a German city is putting traffic lights in the ground because people won’t look up from their cell phones?

Social self care…it sounds so weird to an introvert, but she might just be on to something

Please stop telling me I should have kids

An open letter to the Target boycotters

Yum: Smoked carrot “lox”

Must do things in/around Seattle: Seattle Beer Week is still going on (May 12-22) | Fisherman’s Village Music Festival (May 20-22) | U District Street Fair (May 21-22)

Lastly, check out this view of Bellingham Bay from the trail to Oyster Dome. If you haven’t been here, it’s time to take a hike!

Bellingham Bay

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