Month: April 2016

Assortment | 1

A while back, I did a series of posts called “Something for the Weekend” where I posted a few links to interesting things around the web. There was so much pressure to get it posted on Friday, and I eventually dropped it. I still like the idea of sharing a few curated posts, but instead of making it a regular weekly thing on a specific day, I’m going to rename the series “Assortment” to take the pressure off. When I have enough fun stuff to share – like today – I’ll post!

Hope you are looking forward to an excellent weekend.

A playlist of live Prince performances:

A hilarious and insightful look inside the mind of a procrastinator and a related blog post that might make you reevaluate what you’re doing with your life – or at least schedule a visit with your parents

Even in this digital age, there is still good reason to take notes by hand

Infographic reveals 20 cognative biases that affect our decisions. Of course, another notable bias is thinking that stuff that applies to everyone (like bias) doesn’t apply to you (and me). Let’s do our best to not kid ourselves.

Not enough time to keep up with the news? In the Know on is one of the best weekly round ups of current events. If you do nothing else today, add this to your feed reader and mark it as a must read.

Yum: skillet braised celery with dijon sauce

Must do things in/around Seattle: Tilth edible plant sale | Street Requiem