Farm to table


When we bought our house, it came with three egg-laying chickens. We adopted one more a few months later and have a happy, healthy flock. There will come a day in a few years, however, when they don’t lay anymore. That day is not today, and these are not pictures of us slaughtering our hens. Instead, I had the amazing (and highly educational) opportunity to help neighbors slaughter 40 eight-week-old meat birds and a few of her friend’s hens. Mostly, I wanted to see what it was like and if I had the stomach for killing our hens when they stop laying.

There are more pictures after the jump. We used a very humane process, but it could be considered gross. Do not click the read more button if you do not want to see dead chickens before they are trussed for your table. (I would argue, though, that if you eat chicken, you should look at the pictures to see where your meat comes from.)

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