Month: September 2015

Diablo Dam

Diablo Dam

Nick and I stopped at Diablo Dam on our way to the Methow Valley recently. When it was completed back in 1930, it was the tallest dam in the world. Today, it isn’t the tallest dam anymore, but it still generates power for Seattle.

Jester Mountain


A lot of our wilderness was closed at the end of the summer due to wildfire danger. Jester Mountain, while not the most glamorous peak, provided some low-key off-trail travel for new scramblers.

Church Mountain



I played hooky last Thursday and attempted to scramble the true summit of Church Mountain. The conditions on the most exposed section of the scramble weren’t ideal, so we satisfied ourselves with the lookout site. Another day, perhaps in the winter with snow. In the mean time, the views of Baker Shuksan, Ruth, and the Twin Sistersmore than made up for stopping short of our goal.

Farm to table


When we bought our house, it came with three egg-laying chickens. We adopted one more a few months later and have a happy, healthy flock. There will come a day in a few years, however, when they don’t lay anymore. That day is not today, and these are not pictures of us slaughtering our hens. Instead, I had the amazing (and highly educational) opportunity to help neighbors slaughter 40 eight-week-old meat birds and a few of her friend’s hens. Mostly, I wanted to see what it was like and if I had the stomach for killing our hens when they stop laying.

There are more pictures after the jump. We used a very humane process, but it could be considered gross. Do not click the read more button if you do not want to see dead chickens before they are trussed for your table. (I would argue, though, that if you eat chicken, you should look at the pictures to see where your meat comes from.)

B is for Backup Plans



After a series of blue summer days, the rain finally came – and with it the shattering of our end-of-summer plans to go backpacking with our niece and nephew.

Instead there were flour, water, eggs, and salt – simple ingredients that call the hungry to the table. Our love, like pasta, is sticky. And so, we poured on the stewed tomatoes and gathered to converse around saucy slurps.