Tripping out of winter


Dear Winter,

What happened?!

We had such a fun whirlwind romance in West Yellowstone in November. Over the next few months, we savored sweet, stolen kisses in the Methow. My knees became weak with a silly school girl crush.

Yes, I knew our time was limited, but I thought we still had another month together. Then BOOM! You up and disappeared on me.



Your early departure surprises me a little. It feels like I just tipped a teacup back for one last sweet swig only to find nothing there. Or like I got to the top of a staircase, expecting one more step, then found at the last second that one doesn’t exist, and fell suddenly in a chunky, misfit over-step onto the next floor.


Spring has stepped up to fill your shoes rather quickly – an eager suitor that is all too happy to shine a light on your failures. She put on her best dress and a shocking shade of lipstick.

Even though you are gone, I’m reserving a small space in my heart for when we meet again.


4 comments for “Tripping out of winter

  1. March 2, 2015 at 8:15 pm

    Oh, still my heart. It’s too early, my darling blooms. Freeze, stay away.

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