You know when you have a dream that’s been floating in your mind for some time? You know it’s a good one, and you also know that if you simply wait long enough, it’ll have a chance to unfold. It may not be the huge, life-changing kind of dream; it may just be the simplest of small ones. (I’m so thankful for the small ones.)

Like door hinges.

Door hinges?

Like replacing the old, half-painted door hinges with fresh, new ones that match the new door hardware . . .


Like a container under the sink to hold the sponges . . .


Like small wall boxes to keep the day’s mail out of sight until it can be tended to . . .


Like a vet who is not shy about shaving your cat to treat a wound . . . Like a ladder on the side of the house so that same cat can come and go through his own door . . .


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