And on the first day…

ceiling lights

It seems silly to think that it could take more than a month to re-install a lighting system, but there you have it. Thirty-eight days after the contractor finished removing the popcorn ceiling in our house, we finally have lights in the living room again!

The delay was due in part to incompetent removal of the lighting system to begin with. The tangled mess that the contractor’s subs left us included a broken wire and a mess of bent, unsightly wire that we didn’t want to re-install. It took several weeks to source replacement wires. Then we ran into a snag or two installing the system and accidentally blew out one of the transformers that reduces the power to 12 volts. Oops! Procuring another transformer was much easier than procuring additional wire, but it still represented another delay.

Once we had all the working parts fitting it back together was a snap. Now our party guests next weekend will be able to see their feet as they dance the night away!

Predicted time for project completion: 4 hours.
Actual time for project completion: 38 days.

P.S. Huge props to Keith for his assistance with this project – especially his electrical wiles and seemingly endless collection of useful tools. I’m pretty sure I’d still be sitting in the dark if it wasn’t for him!

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