Month: November 2014

Furry Friday


I created a mountain of packing paper today as I unpacked dishes, glasses and other fragile kitchen implements. Bentley seemed to think the inside of the pile was a fun hiding place.

Everyday magic

I’m enjoying some time at home between jobs right now. It allows me to nest in our new house and get in tune with the season. The neighbor’s maple tree has dropped almost all of its leaves. They are beautiful and much easier to clean up than the tiny storm of leaves that used to fall in the backyard of our old house.

Maple leaves

We are also impossibly blessed with a tree full of delicious apples. Last week I made a cobbler, using 14 apples. Now I just have to find the crockpot and dehydrator, so I can make apple butter and dehydrated apple rings.


“Whale” that was a cold hike!

Ice whale

The waterfalls and rivers along the trail to Anette Lake were starting to freeze today. Imagine my delight when we spotted this cute little whale, created by the splashes of the neighboring stream.