Strength Training for Cross Country Skiing – week 2


Week 1 of pre-season training is in the bag. I got in two solid cardio efforts, two weight lifting sessions, and a recovery cardio session. I’ll admit that I could only do the full number of pushups on my knees. Next week I am to do better with those. My reward for all the hard work was a massage last night, which my tight lats appreciated.

This week, I’m changing the exercises up a bit. (If you’re following along, we’ll go back to last week’s exercises again next week.)

Weight Reps Sets
Warm Up
Dirty Dog BW 15 3
Plank BW 30 sec. 3
Seated Rotations * 15 3
Rest – 30 seconds between sets
Front squats * 15 3
Forward lunge * 15 3
Side lunge * 15 3
Lat pulldowns * 15 3
Front raises * 15 3
Hammer curls * 15 3
Tricep pushdowns * 15 3
Rest – 30 seconds between sets
Cool Down
Cat-camel 30 sec.
Downward Dog 30 sec.
Cobra 30 sec.
Kneeling Hip Flexor 30 sec.


BW = body weight

* = Use enough weight so the last two repetitions are difficult–to-challenging. If the last repetition is not difficult, the muscles will not be sufficiently challenged.

Photo by Kaleb Fulgham, used with permission

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