Heart-stopping IOMTT ride with Michael Dunlop

A few years ago, Nick and I spent a week on the Isle of Mann at the annual Tourist Trophy motorcycle races. The TT is like no other race on earth. Riders approach speeds on 200 mph while negotiating a seemingly never-ending series of bends and hairpins on public streets.

The video below highlights the terrifying experience of riding the 37-mile course from a racer’s perspective. Michael Dunlop whizzes past buildings and skirts along the edge of stone walls. He even comes within centimeters of spectators. It’s an exhilarating bit of footage – just watching it was enough to give me sweaty palms.

The passing move at the Ramsey Hairpin (8 min.) is spectacular, as are the speeds Dunlop reaches on the wide open mountain roads. Woo! Makes me want to go back with a press pass.

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