Month: February 2014

The conscious cat

Cats are naturals at meditating, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that Bentley has taken to sleeping under my meditation bench. He knows a peaceful spot when he’s found one!


Snaps from Wenatchee Ridge

Nick and I took Walter (my newly reconstructed knee) for his first snowshoe on Wenatchee Ridge last weekend. The first two miles, were a long, slow, flat road walk along the Little Wenatchee River. Then we took a spur road full of beautiful, untracked snow. Yay!


Walter was pretty excited about this new adventure, especially getting to lead out and break trail.



Pit Stop Ballet

I generally don’t give a flying fig about professional motorsports, until I saw this video of┬áthe Ferrari team doing a pit stop in TWO SECONDS! It is mind blowing. Seriously. I love the way they crouch in readiness before the car pulls in. They are so smooth under pressure!