Cabo, the final installment


Some may think that Nick and I are tree-hugging hippies who only love human powered adventures. While we do love adventure, we also love speed though in all its forms. So when we discovered we could rent ATVs and rip around in Baja’s arroyos it didn’t take but a nano second for us to sign up.

We booked the full day tour – five blissful hours of dusty, noisy, redneck adventure. This turned out to be a good move, because we were only one of two ATVs on the ride. (If we’d booked the two hour adventure, we would have had another thirty ATVs for company.) Our riding partners were fairly experienced, too. There would be no stragglers today!

The first hour was a bit of a get to know your machine time. We ascended and descended some super steep slopes and progressively got faster and faster until we were pulling Gs around banked turns. Then it was off to the foothills!

Our first stop was high desert cactus land where our guide taught us all about which cacti were most important to avoid and which ones the indigenous people used for food, medicine and other purposes. We also learned about how the ribs of cacti direct the moisture in the air down to the ground for the cactus to collect and store.

Next we made a high speed bomb up a wide canyon to look at a huge boulder tipped delicately on tree. Pretty soon there wasn’t another soul around and we started to get an inkling of the vastness of this prickly landscape.


The silence didn’t last long. We fired up our engines and flew away, leaving nothing but swirling dust cloud in our wake. We blasted along some of the roads used by the Baja 1000 rally and finally found our way back down to the beach. Humpback whales greeted us, and our guide earned his tip, waiting for just the right moment to snap or picture with the waves crashing in the background.


I was dead exhausted by the time we got finished the ride, but not too tired to smile the whole ride back to our hotel with the memory of our adventure.

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