A mellow Methow day

Nick is off cross country skiing today with other PSIA instructors. I’d love to join them, but my recovering ACL dictates another plan.¬†Instead, I started the day with a lovely hike through the Big Valley wildlife preserve. There was snow, but not quite enough for groomed skiing.


I didn’t see any animals, but I got a good dose of eastern Washington sunshine mixed with fluffy white clouds.


In the afternoon, I drove up to Bluebird Grain Farms for a tour of their granary with owners Brooke and Sam Lucy. They grow heirloom farro, einka, rye, and wheat. You can buy it in the whole grain form, cracked in a delicious breakfast porridge, or as finely ground flour. I can’t wait to try all of the treats I bought – especially the farro waffles. Ask us about einkorn brot next time you see us!

Click any of the pictures below to embiggen.

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