Month: December 2013

It’s a white elephant Christmas


I’m pretty sure my neighbors don’t read my blog, so I think it’s safe to show you my white elephant present for tonight’s neighborhood gift exchange. For the record, I had to go to three different stores to find red, white, and green Tic Tacs. Who know this would be such a challenging present to put together?

First snow


Good dogs


I revisited Pipestone Canyon today with Scott, Jennifer and two boisterous Aussie shepherds. We were on foot instead of mountain bikes this time. The dogs were well behaved and didn’t show any interest in chomping on my thigh. I’d say it was a victorious return to a place that I had dubious feelings about.


A mellow Methow day

Nick is off cross country skiing today with other PSIA instructors. I’d love to join them, but my recovering ACL dictates another plan. Instead, I started the day with a lovely hike through the Big Valley wildlife preserve. There was snow, but not quite enough for groomed skiing.


I didn’t see any animals, but I got a good dose of eastern Washington sunshine mixed with fluffy white clouds.


In the afternoon, I drove up to Bluebird Grain Farms for a tour of their granary with owners Brooke and Sam Lucy. They grow heirloom farro, einka, rye, and wheat. You can buy it in the whole grain form, cracked in a delicious breakfast porridge, or as finely ground flour. I can’t wait to try all of the treats I bought – especially the farro waffles. Ask us about einkorn brot next time you see us!

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Something for the weekend


After nearly three months of not being able to explore the mountains, I think I’m finally beginning to see the virtue of sleeping in every Saturday! We’re headed to Teatro Zinzanni with our nephews, niece and my brother today, which I think will be really neat. I also plan on going for my first outdoor bike ride since my injury on Sunday. And you? What are you up to today and tomorrow?

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