Month: November 2013

Thankful for maps


A record 20 people made it out for the annual Thanksgiving hike today. We explored the wilds of Discovery Park in the fog. It gives me such great joy and contentment to spend a morning enjoying the company of good friends. Thank you for helping keep the tradition alive (and for not getting lost on this crazy adventure).

Something for the weekend

Discovery Park lighthouse

Let’s celebrate the early arrival of the weekend! Today, I’m headed out on our annual hike with friends and family. It promises to be the biggest turnout in the event’s history. Here are a few fun links to ponder during your spare time over the next four days.

Turning your old t-shirts into wall art

[podcast] leading a simple life in the modern world

Thanksgiving dinner slot machine

Shaved Brussels sprout slaw | baked eggplant stacks | unusual apple pie

Reading: Darn Good Advice (for people with talent)

Cool things to do in Seattle in December: Tambourine Submarine | Diving Santa at the Aquarium

[shopping] Punk Rock Flea Market | Urban Craft Uprising

Posing techniques for making everyday people look like models

Made me laugh

Gentle yoga for athletes

The spirit of Thanksgiving

ice crystal

The human body and spirit are amazingly resilient but at the same time shockingly fragile. If we build awareness of our own fragility, if we remember the preciousness of every moment with our family and friends, then we can truly celebrate the season of giving thanks.

Photo: Property#1

Urban Hike: The Olmstead Vision


Last weekend, I tried a hike at Wallace Falls. I don’t think my knee was quite up to the uneven terrain. I feel like I’m ready for longer walks and hikes though, so I dragged Nick on an urban hike from the Arboretum to Volunteer Park via Interlaken on Saturday. Our 4.5 mile loop took us on some surprisingly wild hiking trails, to the Volunteer Park Conservatory, the water tower, and the Grand Army of the Republic cemetery (where 526 Civil War veterans are buried). Throw in lunch at the Volunteer Park Cafe and we had one heck of a day!

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Volunteer Park Conservatory


Nick and I had no idea the treat we were in for on Saturday when our walk around Seattle brought us to the Volunteer Park Conservatory. Orchids, cactus, palms, carnivorous plants, air plants, and more. A treat for the eyes and nose! Click on any of the images below to embiggen them.