Month: September 2013

Eight Mile Lake


At the end of August, Nick and I attended the wedding of some dear friends in Leavenworth. The morning of the wedding we had some time to kill, so we hiked up to Eight Mile Lake. Ironically, the trail is only six miles round trip. So where did the name come from?

On the way, we found a beautiful pair of grouse, only one of whom was willing to pose for the camera.


When we got there we found a good spot to sun ourselves on the rocks and enjoy a mid-hike snack before returning to Leavenworth. What a glorious place we live in!



How does an ACL injury occur?

I’m a visual learner, so imagine how excited I was to find this picture showing exactly how an ACL gets torn.

It’s easy to imagine how I landed after jumping over the hurdle – my right foot turned in and my pelvis rotating forward in the direction of travel. Snap!