Month: August 2013

Four peaks for the price of one!


At 1 a.m. last night Nick, the cats, and I were awoken by lightening. The forecast for today was more of the same.  I was really excited about the scramble I had planned, though, so against my better judgment I ignored the weather people.

And good thing too! We pulled into the Sunrise parking lot at 8:45 a.m. to bluebird skies,which fueled our optimism for our four-peak adventure.

First up was First Burroughs Mountain, which we reached about 50 minutes after leaving the parking lot. We took a quick break and wandered over to Second Burroughs Mountain before starting the “real” scramble to Third Burroughs. The views just kept getting better and better.

The best part of the day for my money was the traverse from Third Burroughs to Skyscraper. We lost quite a bit of elevation in the process, but it was fully off-trail and fun.

I think folks were getting tired by the time we headed back to Sunrise. Good thing we were on the Wonderland highway. On our final descent to Sunrise we could see lightening strikes on the ridge and feel the rolls of thunder in our boots. And wouldn’t you know it, we got back to the parking lot just as the first spatters of rain started falling.


Afternoon tea makes me so happy!


Have a great weekend!


What are you doing this weekend? I have a scramble scheduled for Saturday – of FOUR peaks in Mount Rainier National Park. On Sunday, I’m finishing up a film project with a friend, going mountain biking and joining some friends at the zoo to see Todd Snyder. I bet I could even convince Nick to go to the zoo early to look at the penguins 🙂

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