Crack climbing in snake country

Royal columns at Tieton

This weekend I spent a day honing crack climbing skills in an area called Tieton. The temperatures soared into the 90s – perfect weather for a sunny nap if you’re a rattlesnake. We found them in the grass, on paths, on rocks, and – if you can believe it – IN the climbing cracks! I saw more rattlesnakes in one day on Saturday than I’ve seen in the entire rest of my life combined. That’s a lot of snakes!

Coiled rattlesnake at Tieton

After a day of trying to steer clear of death, I can now identify the size of crack by the reptilian danger that lurks inside. For those of you who have yet to visit Tieton, here is a handy guide:

  • Finger –> Garter
  • Hand –> Rattle
  • Fist –> Boa
  • Off-width –> Anaconda

{Thank you Laurel Fan for the photo of Tieton and Ben Bardill for the use of your rattlesnake picture.}

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