Now is the Time

Holy blogging hiatus, Batman! I have absolutely no idea why I haven’t posted anything in a month and a half. To ease myself back into it, I will share a poem that my yoga instructor read this morning in class by a 14th century Persian poet Hafiz:

Now is the Time
translation by Daniel Ladinsky

Now is the time to know
That all that you do is sacred.

Now, why not consider
A lasting truce with yourself and God.

Now is the time to understand
That all your ideas of right and wrong
Were just a child’s training wheels
To be laid aside
When you finally live
With veracity
And love.

Hafiz is a divine envoy
Whom the Beloved
Has written a holy message upon.

My dear, please tell me,
Why do you still
Throw sticks at your heart
And God?

What is it in that sweet voice inside
That incites you to fear?

Now is the time for the world to know
That every thought and action is sacred.

This is the time
For you to compute the impossibility
That there is anything
But Grace.

Now is the season to know
That everything you do
Is sacred.

I’m sure each of you who reads the poem will take something different from it. For me, it is a reminder to speak lovingly to myself, to be impeccable with my words, to truly listen to what stories I tell myself, and to be open to possibility.

Where do you find meaning?

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