Month: November 2012

Pratt Mountain – new summit #39


I’ve been counting wrong! I thought that getting to the summit of Pratt Mountain the Saturday after Thanksgiving would be the magical 37th new summit of 2012. That would be a nice number considering I just turned 37. When I got home and entered it my spreadsheet, though, I learned that this was actually summit #39! Whoa! One more to go to make it a nice round number.

Big thanks to Ed for leading a great trip and to Mark for kicking ALL of the steps. And to everyone else for laughing and making the day so darn fun!

Thanksgiving hike #8

Back row (L to R): Dave, Doug, Roger, Russ, Laura, Mark, Matt
Front row (L to R): Evan, Karen, me, Nicole, Sylvia, Bruce, Nick

Thankful for another year of hiking with friends and and the many adventures along the way. Happy Thanksgiving!

Isn’t long-term storage what IPAs are made for?

Keith brought a box of homebrew that he found at his house over today. Nick and I estimate that we brewed Postcolonial IPA in 1996. We cracked a bottle just to see if it was still drinkable, and you know what? It was pretty tasty. The flavor had morphed from a traditional IPA to something closer to a scotch ale. Considering it was 16 years old, I’d say that’s pretty successful.

A healthy Thanksgiving menu

Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday to appreciate a year of hard work and the pleasure of good company. As you celebrate next week and enjoy time spent with family and friends, I want to encourage you to make food choices that support your health. That means filling your table with green vegetables, fresh fruit, whole grains, and legumes, all cooked with a minimal amount of oil, sugar, and refined flours.

Here is a festive Thanksgiving menu to whet your appetite and inspire you to think about what menu choices you could make that create the healthiest you ever.

Mushroom, lentil & wild rice timbales
Hail to the kale salad
Balsamic braised Brussels sprouts
Cornbread muffins
Pumpkin pie squares
fruit salad

Bon appetite!

A “Grand” birthday adventure


After a week of living in a construction zone, Nick and I decided we needed a day off. So, on Sunday, he went cyclocross racing and I joined a group of folks on an attempt to climb up to the Fremont Lookout via Grand Park. I’d never been to this part of Mount Rainier National Park and was simply blown away. Grand Park is an enormous (think 2 miles in each direction) flat meadow, surrounded by fragrant pine trees. It took us a full hour to walk across it on our way to the slopes below the lookout. I can only imagine what this place must be like in July when it’s covered in wildflowers. If the sky had been clear, we would have had a magnificent view of Mt. Rainier and Little Tahoma as well. As it was, we had to settle for peek-a-boo views of the lookout and serious discussions of animal tracks in the snow.

We tried, but were eventually unsuccessful at reaching the lookout. In summer, you can walk there from Sunrise on a well-maintained trail. When the road to Sunrise is closed, though, this back-door route seemed like a good idea. It would have been, too, if we’d had a little more daylight and a storm wasn’t rolling in. We turned around about 1000′ below the summit. Sigh! Another day…

Big thanks to David for leading a great trip and to the others for great conversation.