Dirtyface x 2

The first weekend in June, I planned to lead a climb of Mt. Hood. Foiled by bad weather, Mike and I decided to head to Lake Wenatchee and exercise our legs on Dirtyface Peak. We had a solid crew with us: Eileen, Terra, Micah, Michael G, Sandra V, and Hideko.

This is not a trail that kids around. The steep switchbacks start right at the trailhead. We crisscrossed the mountain for a couple thousand feet until we reached snow at 4000′. Then it was straight up to the ridgline and the summit of our first peak – Dirtyface Lookout.

The view of Lake Wenatchee and Fish Lakes was pretty amazing from here, thanks to the forest fire that cleared out those pesky trees:

The weather station at the top of Dirtyface Lookout at last!

The wind was blowing hard and we took shelter behind a rock while we refueled; 3900′ of elevation gain was hardly enough for one day!

From the lookout, we dropped about 700′ and traversed below the ridgeline that connects the lookout to Dirtyface Benchmark.

Our route from the Lookout to the Benchmark, as seen from the Benchmark:

The final push to the summit:

There really is a USGS benchmark on top of Dirtyface Benchmark. Guess we’re not the first ones to get here.

The team that made it to Dirtyface Benchmark:

Getting There: Drive Hwy 2 east to the Lake Wenatchee turn-off (Hwy 207).  Continue  8.5 miles to the Ranger Station. The trail head is behind the Ranger Station (elevation 2040′).


Round Trip: 12 miles
Elevation Gain: 5479’
Highest Point: 6223’

TH to Summit of the Lookout: 2 hours 45 minutes
Summit of Lookout to Benchmark:  2 hours 15 minutes
Summit of Benchmark to TH: 2 hours 45 minutes

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