Girls’ weekend on Orcas

The weekend after the Mountaineers snow field trip, I took a break from climbing to spend three days on Orcas Island with my sister-in-law, Anne. I absolutely love traveling with her. We have many of the same interests and basically never stop talking. So fun!

We played on the swings at Orcas Island Pottery:

Baxter kept us company and encouraged us to play fetch endlessly:

We visited Moran State Park and hiked around Cascade Lake:

We bought tomato starts, potatoes, and onions from Maple Rock Farm:

The wood-fired pizza with pea shoots and kale was just about the best thing I’ve ever eaten.


To cap off the day, we enjoyed mai tais at Allium in bikini tops. (Hey! Wearing them got us a $2 discount on aloha night!) Then we retired to our room at the Kangaroo B&B. It had a bed with vintage curtains and lighting:

On Saturday, we visited opening day of the Orcas Island farmers’ market, shopped for garden art, hiked to to the top of Mt. Constitution and returned to Allium for a fabulous meal.

Sunday saw us at the sheep farm near the ferry landing to buy wool for Anne’s teaching partner. Then we headed home.

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