Two days of biking in Wenatchee

Whoa! When I peeked on my memory card this evening to see what kind of pictures I took this weekend, I realized that I’m about two months behind. Bad blogger! Very bad blogger! So, without further ado…

Back in late April, Nick and I went to Wenatchee in search of sunshine and spring training. We took our road bikes and planned on two days of hilly riding.

On Saturday we did the Badger Mountain loop, riding upstream against the flood of randenneurs who also happened to be riding the same roads.

There aren’t a lot of trees here, but someone has thoughtfully installed many birdhouses. They’ve got an amazing view!

Almost at the top of the 8-mile climb out of town, Nick is a very happy rider.

We rolled along the top of the mountain, then descended toward Waterville and the promise of homemade soup at the Coyote Pass Cafe.

With full tummies, we headed for the best part of the ride. A six-mile descent down Pine Canyon to the river.

The ride back into town along the river was fast (no headwind) and we enjoyed pedaling the last few miles on the river trail.

We woke up the next day with stiff legs, determined to do another 50 miles. This time, we would climb up into the hills south of town. After a six mile warm up along the highway east of town, we turned right and started climbing. The grade was relentless. It went from steep to steeper. The temperature also got hotter as we climbed higher. Like Icarus’s wings, I started to melt…

Soon we got to rolling pine forest interspersed with orchards and the promise of descending.

We never had the energy to ride up to Mission Ridge, but that’s okay. A speedy descent back to town seemed so much more fun!

Here’s the route if you’re a glutton for punishment:

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