Month: March 2012

11 reasons why I should ride my bike to work

After spending a weekend trying to convince a friend that commuting to work on a bicycle would solve all her problems, I’m trying to get myself stoked to ride more. To that end, I wrote a list of reasons why riding to work is a good idea. These are my reasons, obviously, but if you have other reasons that motivate you leave a comment!

  1. It only takes me an hour and 10 minutes to ride to work. That’s about twice as long as my commute by car, but I’m multi-tasking – commuting AND getting a workout at the same time. Getting home on the bus is easy and fairly quick, and I can enjoy a good book.
  2. The route to work is actually pretty bike-friendly. About half of it is on neighborhood streets and bike paths. The small section of roads through downtown Bellevue are not that busy, and the sections of road in Seattle have great bike lanes.
  3. I have a shower. I’m a lawyer and have to look half-decent at the office. Having a shower at work makes it super easy to clean up before starting my day.
  4. I have a place to store my bike at work. Sure, that place is in my office, but who cares? Everyone who comes to visit me will know how awesome I am for riding to work.
  5. I’ll save money. Gas prices have shot up to $4.39 a gallon. Yikes! If I bike/bus instead of drive, I’ll be saving $34 a week, $147 a month, or $1764 a year! And my bikes cost less to maintain than a car.
  6. Riding bikes makes me happy. As a result, I am in a better mood at work. I can even ride more miles on the way home if I like.
  7. All that good stuff about helping the environment – no emissions, no burning petroleum, smaller manufacturing footprint, less road wear and tear, etc.
  8. I’ll stay in shape. Let’s face it: a full-time job really cuts into my workouts. My distance between my house and work is 15 miles. If I ride just one way, that’s 75 miles a week – nearly 6 hours of cardio! Depending on how hard I ride, I could burn an extra 2600 calories or more. Awesome!
  9. I have four bikes to choose from – one of which is even built up as a super-commuter / touring bike.
  10. I get to meet interesting people. There are several places along my route where riders congregate. Usually everyone is in a pretty good mood (see #6 above) and happy to exchange a few pleasantries about how great their day is. It makes me feel connected to my community in a very personal way.
  11. I notice more things. I don’t get the entire gist of a place when I’m in the car. Traveling at the speed of a bicycle, though, I’m looking around at stuff. Sometimes I notice a new shops or restaurants that become go-to places.


Second time was the charm

Nick almost killed me yesterday when he found out we were going to attempt West Granite again. (The last time we were there, the conditions were miserable!) Sunshine and mashed potato snow foretold success, though. Now we can officially cross this peak off my list.

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