Recon adventure on Tye Peak

On Saturday, Mike, Laura and I headed out to Stevens Pass for a little reconnaissance for an upcoming overnight adventure with our basic climbing class students.  We started out with an unremarkable snowshoe up to Skyline Lake. Then we dropped into the basin to the west of the lake and headed to what we thought was the notch that would lead us to Tye Lake and on to Spinnaker Peak. The avy danger was low in the shaded gullies on the north side of the ridge and we made good time.

Unfortunately, we ended up on an unnamed peak with a dramatic drop-off. Oops! Our consolation was a pretty fine view of Tye Peak and the surrounding hills. We also caught a glimpse of a fighter jet below us, buzzing the hillsides, 100m off the valley floor. (I’ll admit that it was a nice day for a joy ride.)

We headed back down to the notch we were supposed to go to and changed our destination to the summit of Tye Peak. The wind was howling up there and we were cold! We kept moving though and only paused for a summit picture before retreating back down to a place that was more sheltered from the wind.

We got back to the cars around 2:30 – mighty early for a regular trip. In the end though, I’m confident that we found just the right place for our adventure with

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