Mt. Ararat

When life gives you sunshine, you go to the mountains. This time, we set our sights on Mt. Ararat, a satellite  peak in Mount Rainier National Park, not to be confused with the volcano in Turkey where Noah’s Ark is supposedly located.

Travel was straight-forward – walk the boot-beaten path up the Kautz Creek Trail toward Indian Henry’s Hunting Ground, then scramble up the east flank of Ararat. Many people had been there the weekend before, so travel was pretty straight-forward. We stopped for a rest at a little unnamed hump along the way with great views of The Mountain:

As we hiked higher, interesting waterfall ice and dry-tooling opportunities presented themselves. Too bad I only had my 10 ounce alpine ax with me.


It was a four-volcano day. In this picture you can see St. Helens and Hood. Adams is just outside the frame to the left.

A final slog up the hill brought us to the HUGE summit of Mt. Ararat. We tagged the top then dropped back to this lovely open basin and soaked in the views.

From L to R: Jeff, me, Lynn, Rena, Sonja, Tom, and Sue.

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