Not Mrs. Opulence just yet

Earlier this year, my mother gave me my grandmother’s vintage fur coats. They are both Persian lamb and in fabulous condition. I was really excited about the possibility of wearing them (let’s not start an argument over the ethics of wearing vintage fur, okay?), until I saw them for the first time. The problem? Two of me could fit inside each jacket! I don’t think my grandmother was big, I think it was simply the style of the day.

Enter Carole McClellan. She’s a talented furrier in Seattle who is helping me restyle the coats into something modern and wearable. I went for my first fitting yesterday, which involved trying on muslin mockups of the finished jackets. She’s an old-school designer who drapes and marks in a way that looks like magic to an untrained eye.

I’m on pins and needles with anticipation for the final jackets. And when I finally do get to wear them, you can call me Mrs. Opulence.

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