Testing, take two

Since my ankle didn’t die on Tuesday on the way to/from Snow Lake, I figured I’d push things a little more and hike up Granite Mountain after work yesterday with my long-time climbing friend, Mike. I actually got about a 25-minute head start and hiked the whole way up rockin’ out to Reckless Kelly.┬áMike and two other climbers (whose names I can’t remember now) reached the fire lookout tower about 5 minutes after I got there.

We all ate a little dinner, but didn’t linger too long. The sun sets around 8:30 these days and we wanted to be closer to the trailhead than the summit when it disappeared.

The ankle was doing fine this morning. Telling my PT this may have been a mistake, however. I have never sweated so much in a rehab facility before. If I can walk tomorrow, it will be a miracle.

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