Summer reading update

In May, I documented all the books I’d read in the first semester of 2011. Now that it’s the beginning of August, I thought I’d do the same thing for my “summer semester.” Total for the summer is 4,391 pages, which is probably a bit higher than normal, considering I made two trips Europe.


Out of all the books on the list, I’d have to put The Art of Racing in the Rain and Sister at the top of the list. Both had a unique narrative perspective that added to already great stories. You should also consider reading The Hunger Games before the movie comes out next year. It is written at a teenage level, so adults will most likely find it a pretty easy-breezy, end-of-summer read.

The Hypnotist was probably the most overly hyped book on the list. Yes, it’s written by a Swede. And yes, it’s a fast paced thriller. I found the multiple story lines a bit disjointed, though.

Here’s what’s next on my reading list:

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